Jeune indien aux cheveux longs portant une croix autour du coup
©Marion Gronier « We were never meant to survive » Arizona, 2015

Marion Gronier

Sept. 8 – Dec 31, 2022

Based on a reflection on the history of the United States, the artist confronts the portraits of three communities – American Indians, African-Americans and Mennonites – by questioning the codes of anthropometric photography used in the colonial system at the end of the 19th century.

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Autoportrait de l'artiste sous la forme de quatre silhouettes identiques de femme autour d'un gros bac en pierre fleuri dans la ville de Gbadolite.
©Gosette Lubondo, “Terre de lait_Requiem pour la terre de miel” – 2022 Courtesy Galerie Angalia

Gosette Lubondo

Sept. 8 – Dec 31, 2022

Three series by Congolese artist Gosette Lubondo will be presented: Imaginary Trip, Imaginary Trip II and Land of milk and honey.

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homme habillé en nooir debout entouré de plusieurs vignettes d'affiches et titre de l'exposition.
©Pierre Neumann – 2022

Pierre Neumann

Sept. 8 – Nov. 13, 2022

Swiss graphic designer Pierre Neumann is, in his own way, perfectly unclassifiable. He knows images, their power, photography and its history, and he has brilliantly carried out skilful exercises in graphic production that know how to integrate photography while respecting it but without fetishising it.

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Signature of Ulrich Lebeuf’s book

Spettri di Famiglia is a feverish quest. This of a renowned photographer, in his forties, who learns about his Neapolitan origins. This will be followed by multiple journeys which, in…

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Meeting Photography & Photo Books

Want to share your favorite image of your favorite photographer? To discover beautiful photo books? To exchange on self-published photo fanzine projects that you love? Join us! The goal is…

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“At the turn of the alleys”

During the 2020 confinement, Katia Simbille and IIias Daoudov proposed a workshop of expression through video which resulted in the production of a documentary film “Au détour des Ruelles”. Co-constructed…

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Exposition Prix Caritas Photo Sociale 2022

Le Prix Caritas Photo Sociale valorise les photographes qui donnent de la visibilité à la pauvreté et à l’exclusion en France. Il a été créé par le Réseau Caritas France, qui rassemble notamment le Secours Catholique, Cités Caritas, et la Fondation Caritas France, en partenariat avec Picto Foundation, Polka, Filigranes,…

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