Greger Ulf Nilson, Photography as a starting point

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Greger Ulf Nilson, Photography as a starting point

Each year, Le Château d'Eau invites an internationally renowned graphic designer who has collaborated on major photographic events. For the second edition of this event, Swedish designer, graphic artist and curator Greger Ulf Nilson has been invited to present his work. The exhibition "Photography as a starting point" will feature photographs, video, books and objects in an original scenography.

My work is not only dedicated to the eye. It’s just as much about how the result feels in the hand (and in the stomach). Therefore, the choice of material is obviously important. Glossy or matte, heavy or light, large or small. . . And therefore, dear visitors, it is just as obvious that you should look and feel as much as possible here in the exhibition! Be kind, though, and handle the most fragile items with care.

Greger Ulf Nilson

Finding the right form

He collects prizes and awards at international level, both in his professional field – advertising and communication – and in what is first and foremost a passion, the presentation of photography in exhibitions and, above all, books. As he freely admits, books are at the heart of his thinking. Greger Ulf Nilson describes himself as a “book junkie”, who must have more than 6,000 volumes in his library and who has designed and drawn more than 150 titles, mainly on photography, but also on art. As an art director, graphic artist, designer and gallery owner, he has always put his knowledge and talent at the service of artists, whose intentions he never betrays. It’s all about finding the right form. At the crossroads of his multiple activities, the spectacular Under/Exposed exhibition in 1998 in the Stockholm metro, which brought together the work of 211 photographers from all over the world, is characteristic of his approach.

For each photographer – from stars like Sophie Calle and Robert Frank to the very young – there were four or five 4×3 advertising panels displaying a photograph with no author’s name, no title, no date and no caption. A large supplement to the free daily Métro brought together all the images in the form of a vignette and, with a print run of one million copies, served as a catalogue. While the operation was spectacular, carried out to the millimeter and with a real desire to share in a bold and generous way, it shows how, for Greger Ulf Nilson, while it is a question of form, it is first and foremost a question of producing meaning. Without ever taking the place of the artists, and in order to make them accessible and intelligible.

Christian Caujolle, Curator

Exhibition design : Tham & Videgard

View of books realised by Greger Ulf Nilson
View of books realised by Greger Ulf Nilson
View of the exhibition Under / Exposed dans le métro de Stockholm (Suède)
View of the exhibition Under / Exposed dans le métro de Stockholm (Suède)

Greger Ulf Nilson is a renaissance man : an editor and designer of books, a curator, gallerist, art director and more. I’ve known Greger for decades now and am grateful for all the outstanding photographers he’s brought to Steidl, among them JH Engström, Maja Forsslund, Anders Petersen, Gunnar Smoliansky and Lars Tunbjörk. Greger is a rare mix of collaborator and friend to artists , his mission to find the perfect form for their vision, and to give photography a life beyond the photograph.

Gerhard Steidl

Biography of Greger Ulf Nilson

Greger Ulf Nilson, photographed by M. Edwall
Greger Ulf Nilson, photographed by M. Edwall

Greger Ulf Nilson, born 1961, is among Scandinavia’s most prolifically award-winning art directors and graphic designers, with work ranging from visual identities, printed matter and websites to major institutional advertising campaigns. His artistic approach is uncompromising and direct. Through long experience, he has gained a reputation as a conscientious, insightful brand strategist. Photography as an artform is often at the core of his work, and has brought him international recognition. In 1998, he mounted the world’s most far-ranging photography exhibition,
Under/Exposed, featuring work by 211 photographers, displayed throughout the Stockholm Metro system. In 2002, he began a collaboration with publisher Steidl Verlag under the GUN/Steidl imprint. In 2008, he founded GunGallery, a photographic art gallery in Stockholm. He has been a central figure in the development and international renaissance of photobooks in the past two decades, serving as an unofficial ambassador for the genre, both as a collector and as a creator of unique volumes. For the latter, he has received countless awards throughout the world.

  • 2023 Ulf Lundin: Best of Sweden
  • 2022 Johanna Billing: Konstnärsnämdens Stora stipendie
  • 2022 Evigt Liv: Nobel Prize Museum
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  • 2021 Lisen Stibeck: Undertow
  • 2021 Rolf van der Brink: Övre
  • 2021 Stephen Gill: Coming up for Air – A Retrospective
  • 2020 Monika McDonald: Hulls
  • 2020 Gerry Johansson: Meloni Meloni
  • 2020 Gerry Johansson: Lalendorf und Klaber
  • 2020 Henrik Håkansson: Konstnärsnämdens Stora stipendie
  • 2019 Henrik Saxgren: Tøndermarsken
  • 2019 Landskrona Foto View: India
  • 2019 Stephen Gill: The Pillar
  • 2019 Bård Breivik: War Paint
  • 2019 Jean Hermansson: Palme och arbetarna
  • 2019 Liv Strömquist: Konstnärsnämdens Stora stipendie
  • 2019 Henrik Saxgren: Ultima Thule
  • Under / Exposed (Incl. Catalogue)
  • Gungallery (Incl. XX exhibitions, books, short films)
  • Lars Tunbjörk: Office
  • Bård Breivik: War Paint
  • Nordisk Vår
  • Mikael Jansson: Witnesses
  • Mikael Jansson: Speed of Life
  • Hatte Stiwenius: STHLMS PÄRLOR!
  • Zumtobel: Living the Nordic Light
  • Magnus Reed: Fin de Siglo
  • Robert Nättare
  • Eyubi (Incl. XX exhibitions)
  • Distance Différentes
  • Angelica Elliott: Rågsved
  • Shoot Gallery (Incl. XX exhibitions)
  • Andreas Gurkst: Moderna Museet
  • Lars Tunbjörk: Wunderbaum
  • A film
  • Graphic identities:Landskrona Foto

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