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Des livres des éditions The Eriskay Connection, 2022

The dynamism and diversity of photography books over the last ten years is the result of the work of a new generation of publishers. The library regularly presents projects from publishing houses.

A publishier from The Netherlands

the Eriskay Connection is an independent publishing house and design studio for publishing based in the Netherlands, and active since 2011. Their name is borrowed  from the Scottish island of Eriskay, lost  in the Outer Hebrides archipelago (143 inhabitants). To get to this island, you have to take a plane, a train, a bus and a ferry, all necessary steps to reach the world. A subtle analogy with the making of a book, which the two creators claim, Rob van Hoesel & Carel Fransen.  

“We focus on contemporary storytelling at the intersection of photography, research and writing. Working closely with authors, we design books as stand-alone works that provide new and necessary insight into the world around us.” 

the Eriskay Connection

Focused on contemporary photography, the house is also a book design studio, graphic and editorial design of books. Each book takes on a personalized form, materials and editorial design. Rob van Hoesel graduated as a graphic designer in 2002 at the AVK St Joost in Breda, and participated in many cultural projects before devoting himself to book publishing. Most publications feature series by emerging photographers. The subjects of society are treated under original angles and writings, the publications being considered as photographic essays. The books are printed and bound in Europe, with a first run usually of 750 copies.  


Cover of the book Hernie & Plume by Katherine Longly published by the Eriskay Connection

Hernie and Plume by Katherine Longly

Katherine Longly is a photographer and antropologist from Brussels (born in 1980). Produced in a campsite, this series takes on the appearance of a Christmas tale that is at once zany, humanistic and surprising. The book was born from an unexpected encounter between the photographer, Blieke, Nicole and their little dog “Plume”. The series on the love and life story of this couple was written from 2013, using color photographs, archives and correspondence. Katerine Longly also entrusted them with disposable cameras to capture the celebrations of social life in the campground. Far from prejudice, the book shows resilience in the face of life’s difficulties and accidents. The book published in 2020 received several awards.
Info: published in 2020, 22 × 32 cm, 84 p., ISBN: 978-94-92051-54-7, out of print.

Learn more about the book “Hernia & Feather” on the publisher’s website
Learn more about this book on Katerine Longly’s website

Novogen by Dániel Szalai

Dániel Szalai is a Hungarian artist born in 1991. He practices photography and installation, particularly exploring the relationship between humans and animals on an economic and societal level. The Novogen series is a research on the breeding of chickens (of the Novogen breed) for the production of pharmaceutical products. Eggs are used in the manufacture of vaccines or medicines in automated high-tech companies. The book skilfully plays with portraits of chickens that seem so identical and yet all different, confronted with their conditions of life and death in intensive breeding. Behind the “the goose that lays the golden eggs”, Dániel Szalai sees a parallel with our own human condition. Info: published in 2020, 21 × 29 cm| 112 p. ISBN: 978-94-92051-71-4, 30 €

Learn more about the book “Novogen” on the publisher’s website
Learn more about the series on Dániel Szalai’s website

Family Stranger by Wiosna Van Bon

Wiosna van Bon was born in 1992. She is Polish and Dutch, with a degree in documentary photography. Family Stranger explores the lives of families of prisoners and how they feel about a parent convicted of a crime. After extensive research, interviews with families and associations, Wiosna van Bon chose to explore this relationship on both sides of the walls. The book documents the different postures of relatives and the social stigma placed on the families of a prisoner. Wiosna van Bon interrogates seeks to raise awareness of the difficulties experienced and the examination of the responsibilities of each person. The book is composed on the duality of life in prison and visits, confronted with life outside. Info: published in 2021, 20 x 28 cm, 232 p. ISBN: 978-94-92051-47-9, out of print.

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To date, the following titles are available at the library :

  1. Zindzi Zwietering, Bron, 2022 
  2. Jos Jansen, Some way out of there, 2022 
  3.  Xiaoxiao Xu, Shooting the Tiger, 2022 
  4. Oriane Thomasson,Paradis, 2022 
  5. Marjolein Blom, Failing Forward, 2022 
  6. Crystal Bennes, Klara and the Bomb, 2022 
  7. Wiosna van Bon, Family Stranger, 2021 
  8. Dániel Szalai, Novogen, 2021 
  9. Mathias de Lattre, Mother’s Therapy, 2021 
  10. Katherine Longly, Hernie & Plume, 2020 
  11. Olivier Leu, Leopold’s legacy, 2020 
  12. Valeria Cherchi, Some of You Killed Luisa, 2020 
  13. Esther Hessing et Sophieke Thurmer, Bound to the Ground, 2016 
  14. Peter Dekens, Touch, 2012 

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