Opening of the “Birds” exhibition

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© Photographie Leila Jeffreys; vidéo Mairie de Toulouse

For the opening of the exhibition “Birds” at the gallery Le Château d’Eau, Christophe Maout, Byung-Hun Min and Terri Weifenbach were in Toulouse in June 2022. A few words from the photographers and a discovery of the exhibition to be seen in this video.

“Birds” – group exhibition, 12 international photographers

From 3 June to 21 August 2022, in collaboration with the Atelier EXB publishing house

Christophe Maout, photographer, France

This exhibition for me is a wonderful moment to present for the first time the work I did on birds in Paris, during the covid-19 lockdown. The city was rendered to an unusual silence, and I very quickly had the desire to work on the intensity of this presence.

Terri Weifenbach, photographer, USA

I used to live in an area where there were a lot of backyards in one block, and I wanted to show that the wildlife here is really important. The sparrows are not considered special or particular birds, but I saw their personalities with the way they worked together. So what I really wanted is that nature in the city is as important as nature outside, and our interaction with it.

Byung-Hun Min, photographer, South Korea

Of these 10 works on display, the one that touches me the most is this one because I do black and white photography and the nuances of contrast are more concentrated in it, minimal differences that one perceives when approaching the work. The object of these photographs is a bird, but through this object what interests me most here is nature.

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